1-1 Coaching with Amy is beyond transformational . 
It’s more than diving into your business, it’s about embodying who YOU are and authentically  living that and trusting you. 
Integrating your power for the impact and income you desire, becomes ease and fun when you work with Amy. 
It’s about your business working for YOU, not you working for your business. 
You’re all you need, and the road to discover your inner power, manifesting through energetic strategy, celebrating your business and your sexy magnetism, comes with the help of Amy, and owning your Human Design. 
Serious inquires only, for those who want ease, flow, magnetism, impact and income, and understand the energetic next level of investing in themselves. 
email amy@thebabesquad.company


"From a $1.1K day last month to a $2.6K day today! (more to come on this later) #CollapsingTime #ThisIsAlignment"

Kiki Ura

"Working with Amy has been one of the most transformative things I have done. While I have worked with coaches before, she was able to truly see me, and that led to a very authentic coaching experience. She has an incredible talent for meeting you right where you are, and bringing you into your power. The growth I experienced was undeniable. I hit goals in my business that I wasn’t sure were possible, sold out coaching programs with ease, and fully started to arrive in my most authentic self. The greatest thing I took from her was a deep understanding of who I am and how I function. This included learning my Human Design type which was a key discovery for me. My work with her led me to make some of the scariest changes I needed to make in life, all of which have set me free."

Alison Kuepfer

"Working with Amy and tapping into your own unique energy within your human design will massively catapult your business in a new direction. Human design has completely transformed how I operate my business and how I show up to serve my clients. It has allowed me to step into the arena, to stop playing small and to full embody the woman I am and all that I am here to do. My impact has been next level, I am earning money with ease, and it feels f*cking good - like how it’s meant to be. Working with Amy will set you on fire. And aligning with your human design will make you unstoppable."

Jaclyn Shaw

The experience that Amy's clients have...


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