90 Min Intensives

Integrity Human Design Business Readings

Integrity Readings

For the Business Owner who KNOWS she needs to re-work her energetic alignment

You know there's something off and not working, it's stopping you from being your most energetic, confident, glowing, money-making-machine that you are!

In this call we

  • utilize your Human Design to reactivate that power. 
  • work through the conditioning and misalignment that has taken place 
  • create an Energetic Plan based on your Human Design and Business
  • bring you back to that feeling of CLARITY and excitement in your business!

It's the first step in your re-alignment, and we all know the first step is the most powerful


This reading is 90 minutes, recorded. 

You fill out a intake form with your direct questions and Amy dives into your Business with a 90 min recorded session (this is not done live) 

You can keep the recording for life.

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