ALIGN, the Mentorship


ALIGN the Mentorship

This is the foundations of EVERYTHING I teach. If you're feeling stuck and blocked, this is exactly where you need to start. 

 fuzing your human design + your soul with business
for total alignment + abundance for the modern entrepreneur


You have a business and you're not feeling RIGHT about it 

You're not making money

Your messaging is off

You're overwhelmed and stuck in the exact same spot you were last year

You're in debt

You're doubting yourself

Your scared of how to step into this new YOU and shine bright

You're lacking support around you and your goals/desires⠀⠀

You're feeling burnt out, or on the edge of it

You can't find balance but you are CRAVING harmonizing your feminine and masculine energies 

You're not making the IMPACT you know you're here to make 

You can align with authentic branding through Human Design and your own Energy to SERVE, be seen in an authentic way, sell with ease, and energetically feel AMAZING in your life and business

This course will be sent to your emails weekly, along with an entire Soul Workbook, plus lesson notes to review! 

Week 1: Harmonize Feminine and Masculine Energy by Aligning with Your Human Design

Week 2: Break through your fear around money through fear and Authentic Branding

Week 3: Ditch Miss Perfectionist to Align Your FLOW for Joy and Pleasure to Manifest!

Week 4: Feel Ease and Success through Human Design to make an Impact and make Money

BONUS: Emotional Intelligence and Tapping into YOURS!


Small Investment, Massive Energetic Shift, Understand YOU, so you can work in alignment with your human design!

ALIGN: The Mentorship

"ALIGN the mentorship has been such a game changer! Amy dives in and breaks everything down nicely, makes concepts super easy to grasp, and making integrating human design in your life so simple, yet still very detailed and telling. I took pages and pages of notes, and am re-watching videos now, because they’re so good! I’m catching something different every time. If you want the mermaid vibes, and a kickass training, THIS IS IT!"

Vanessa Duncan

"If you are on the fence and considering Amy’s Align or Next level I can personally attest to how massive your shifts can be... she has a special talent for helping you find the version of yourself you know you can become."


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