You've already found success in your business WITHOUT Human Design - amazing!!!

But now you realize, there's another level. A Next Level.

You want to be there, you want to FEEL it. 


You're ready to work in ways that feel so right for you. To create the entire life, business, impact, success and FUN that you're desiring.

This is all about embodiment and integration for TRANSFORMATION.

Align to the Next Level is an Energetically Created Mastermind, where groups are based on your Human Design and the energetic mastery of each person.


It's time to:

  • learn and embody the tools - YOUR Human Design that are completely aligned with you
  • fusing your energies to elevate with ease + confidently take your business and life to a new standard
  • understanding WHO you are and HOW you operate, do this from a place of deep acceptance and aligning with the power you already have activated in you
  • specific details towards your Human Design so you can take action in the most aligned ways
  • a container that encourages and acknowledges fears, and how to dive into them
  • strategies and embodiment practices for you to step into being BOLD in a way that is authentic and FEELS right for you
  • learning to move with fear to deepen and connect to your intuition
  • align with your soul purpose with complete EASE and FLOW!
  • learn about joy and how to make work EASY
  • have clarity in HOW you work so your biz works


​Align to the Next Level Requires an Application Process. 

Please email to apply, with the Subject Line - NEXT LEVEL

"If you are on the fence and considering Amy’s Align or Next level i can personally attest to how massive your shifts can be.. she has a special talent for helping you find the version of yourself you know you can become."

"When I first started working with Amy, I joined her Align to the next level mentorship and it was just what I needed. I had been wanting help in both my personal life and business. I had no idea what Human Design was, but I was pulled in by her content on social media and wanted to learn more about how I could align everything in my life. The part I really liked about this program was it was small group based and “in person” over video calls. I have bought training in the past that were module based and I had to take the time to work through them on my own and surprise surprise didn’t always follow through. So the game changer with Amy’s program was that it was LIVE, if I didn’t show up every week to our calls, she would know. The calls are interactive with some teaching from Amy and then you get to talk, ask questions and really dive deep into what you are looking to learn and grow on. It was super helpful to have someone there mentoring me and helping to keep me accountable. The Human Design part of everything was really interesting to learn and to tap into how I should and shouldn’t be working, communicating etc. I would highly recommend this program if you are looking for something more and are ready to step it up in both your life and business!"

Justine Clarke

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