You've been wondering why you:

-hit resistance in your life and business?

-your relationships seem harder than they really are? 

You KNOW there's another way, and just don't feel aligned with the way you're doing life and biz!



A way that is full of ease, flow, confidence and authenticity! 

Align With Human Design will allow you to not only understand all about YOUR authentic energetic system and pathway, but also how to support, love, understand and guide your children, partner, business partners and even parents! 

You'll feel totally confident knowing and trusting your own path, and so open to understanding those you love most! 

Align With Human Design not only teaches you about YOU (and your loved ones), but how to actually implement and embody your Energetic System so you can start living your best, most aligned life.


Human Design

I use Human Design as a deep understanding for my clients to authentically connect their soul, make decisions with ease, and fully step into their power to become the most magnetic, and live and work with complete ease, you were meant to!

Human Design incorporates Spirit/Soul, Energy and Science...mind, body and soul, my favourite combination! 


There are 5 Types

MANIFESTORS – these are the trail blazers who are here to create movements, whether they intentionally try to or not 

MANIFESTING GENERATORS – these are a hybrid for the new age of a generator plus a manifestor – when they’re living correctly, they are like superhumans

GENERATORS – pure life-force in motion, these people have an attracting aura and a juiciness to their energy

 PROJECTORS -these people are here as guides for the tribe. They have an ability to see something the way others can’t

REFLECTORS – these are super rare energy types in human design, with less than 1% of the population falling into this category

Human Design goes so much deeper and unique to each soul, than the Types. This is where your own specific strategy and connecting back to yourself becomes part of our Coaching.

In Align With Human Design, you will learn:

  • about each Type and how to own your power
  • each Authority (decision-making process)

  • each Profile - your complete conscious and subconscious self

  • how to accept, support, understand and energetically align with your partner, children and loved ones

  • how to embody your energy and integrate it! 

I wanted to make Human Design as accessible as possible for anyone to learn from!


Align With Human Design is 2 Hours for ANYONE to fully learn, embody and step into your most authentic self, and consciously love the way you want to!


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