Human Design 101 through my Story Part 1



When Human Design fell into my lap - actually my ears - I was on a run and listening to some random podcast, I could NOT.STOP. 

My life made sense.

Who I am finally all CLICKED.

I had never felt more understood, heard, seen and loved myself more than that moment - I’m a 5/1 Splenic Projector

K…..Now what?!?!?!

I know you’ve all had that moment too. 

Your mind is blown, then you consume, consume, and aren’t sure how to start your own journey.

So I started to study. As much as I could. At this point, I wasn’t making money in my business and had invested a lot. I started to just play with what it FELT like to be a Projector.

Between studying and trying to embody, in a world that was NOT Projector-friendly, I knew there was no other way than to keep down this path - so I let it unfold.

Suddenly - I had downloads of my first Group Coaching Program, launched it and MADE SALES - I couldn’t believe it! Then….my first 1-1 Client signed. Effortlessly. She found ME. 

My mind was blown.

That summer, I focused so much on my own personal alignment and life continued to unfold beautifully as I began to step into my own power. Step by step.

That summer while I started to deeply understand myself, I obviously had run my kids charts, and started to notice who they were, my girls Layla and Lucy at the time (the girls are 3/5 Sacral MGs, and Hendrix is a 4/6 Emotional MG), and how they were naturally already showing up in alignment with their Design. I also started noticing how reactions of frustration would come when they were forced against what their Sacral was saying, or when they were trying to initiate. And of course, one of the first emotional words Layla identified with, was “I feel frustrated”. Our babes know how to trust themselves sand express the misalignment. We just need to notice, listen and Parent By Design

I started to understand through HD that my children are so unique, even between their MG similarities, how they express their Design, the depths of their Designs, and how their soul is Leading, is so unique. 

In these moments of Projector watching, I had an overwhelming knowing that this is a huge part of my mission

To raise the most Aligned, Self-Expressed, Completely Powerful in their Trust, little beings. And just sit back and watch their magic unfold.

If you’re new to HD, welcome! 

Your mind is about to be blown!

I’ll break down each Energy Type now (what you want to focus on FIRST), and also how it is expressed as a child, because if you’re a parent, you KNOW you’re diving deep into their Designs too

Manifestors are here to initiate and get things started, bringing new ideas and concepts to the world. They're designed to work and act independently. Manifestors make up 9 percent of the population. Nike’s “Just do it” is your slogan. 

Strategy: To Initiate - you are the ONLY ones that can act off an aligned urge, and make it happen. And quickly. 

Learning Grace, Communication and Leading with Love is beyond powerful in your journey.

Manifestor Children: Often are said to be the most “difficult” (I use this term lightly in an unconscious world). However, they’re the natural born Leaders. They’re only difficult because they’re ready to lead. They have an urge, and they know how to get it. This doesn’t always fit a family unit, timing, convenience, or a parents terms. 

They are here to IMPACT others. So….their desire to go do, is impacting you. It’s all perfect, as a parent...breathe! They’re teaching you something incredible and full of courage. 

You need to teach them to ask. As children, they’re asking for permission. As often as possible, release control. Share with them why they can and why they can’t. If they see the impact they’re having, and can still get to go do (most of the things) they’re desiring, they start to pick up on this cycle. 

As an ADULT - this comes as Communicating and sharing what you’re up to. Letting those into your world who really matter and who will be affected. This creates beautiful grace between your Initiating and Deepening Relationships Peacefully! 

Generators are the life force of the population who are designed to work and to love the work they do—their work (if aligned) lights them up and creates more energy for them. They need to ensure they are not doing something because they “should”, rather follow what’s fun and exciting for them. Generators make up 33 percent of the population. 

You’re likely creative, and probably burnt-out. If you do too much of the “shoulds” in life, you’re feeling drained right now.

You’re meant to feel ALIVE. Creative. And Free. This comes from letting life come to you, dropping the initiating, dropping the shoulds and leading with your Sacral. 

Generator Children: They’re here to respond! You need to be asking. They need options - ask yes/no questions, this/that, peaches or apples. They’ll have an internal excitement response that feels right for them. The answer comes through the variety. 

They’ll change their minds. They’ll be really good at things. And you’ll wonder why they don’t want to do it anymore. If you look really close, you’ll notice what they’re doing now actually has a connection to what they were doing before! They’re here to master a craft, or two. Let them figure out what it is! 

Moments you are seeing or feeling frustration from them - notice if you’re asking them to TELL you something. Or see if you’re trying to stop their natural flow.

They crave Freedom. Space. Being busy (but the kind they love).

Manifesting Generators are similar to generators. They love to work! They have so many different passions and are the life of the party, bring all the vibes! They are known for their ability to bring things to life quickly and efficiently. Manifesting Generators make up 37 percent of the population.

You guys bring me life! I love witnessing you at a party, being the life-force, online with all your extra, extras. And just your natural boldness, that you’re often scared to really step into. You’re held back because you’ve changed your mind so many times. You're trying to “fit in” most of your life, yet your soul is screaming for self-expression! You're creative, unique, and bring this sense of vitality wherever you go. 

Drop the people-pleasing. Fear and doubt. You're meant to be energetically felt in a big way. 

We’re here for it! 

MG Children: Oh my sweet souls - you have my heart! Your unique individuality is so next level. You want to just express yourself - through your voice, art, clothes, dancing, skills. You like to move fast. You miss steps. Which brings shame and guilt. You change your mind - because you’ve taken what you need to build your set of skills….and then you end up settling. This make parents uncomfortable and like THEY’RE failing.

“Why can’t they focus. Why can’t they just sit still. They’re over dance ALREADY….”

Parents - lean back to feel the life they’re bringing. They’re showing us life gets to be done a different way - in a magical way!

In Adults and Kids, watch for: INITIATING. With the Manifestor Energy, they want it and they want it now (patience isn't’ really their strongest virtue lol)! 

And if they’re frustrated, this becomes even more maddening that what they want isn’t happening now, so they go and try to force it. Which leads to more frustration because the world doesn’t work on force! 

The more you all lean back, just let your Sacral respond AS things come in, and be available for more of it. The happier and more aligned you’ll be! 

Projectors are natural leaders and guides. They are not designed to do all the doing. They are designed to see deeply into others, see systems others don’t see, and create efficiency. They need to be seen, heard and recognized for what they do and their passion. They make up 20 percent of the population.

You probably are or have been burnt out. See how it could be so much easier, but build up EVERY reason and wall why it can’t be. 

It’s hard to dream because life should be logical to you.

You can’t see yourself because you’re too focused on them.

Projector Children: Often feel very under looked. Unseen. Unnoticed and frankly, weird, different than everyone else. Wise yet quiet. See them for all their talents and skills, and tell them! 

The Projector child needs space to relax. Be alone, release the energy they took in. They need a safe space to talk, a feeling of being understood. Also to take the grown up hat off and just PLAY!!!! Have fun, let loose! 

We need to drop the pressure from the Projector. Listen when they have ideas, because they are often more efficient and effective. 

Invite them into conversations: Ask them how they feel, or what they think. Open up the floor for them, without expectations that they “should” be the ones doing it. They need Invitations. 

Bitterness and Resentment show up and are hard to shake. 

Let yourself bring happiness in. Find support. Start listening to your soul and let it lead you. Practice de-stressing and release the pressure from doing more, to putting your feet up and relaxing it. It’s necessary. 

Reflectors are the most rare, at 1 percent of the population. They mirror back the energy around them. They are great facilitators and evaluators, able to offer a perspective that's unique and different, and are able to see the things that often go unnoticed. Their environment and community have a massive impact on their energy and being. 

Reflectors often feel lost with who they are - this is your magic! You get to become and unbecome day in and out. Be careful and put a lot of focus on who you are around - it matters so much.

Make space for yourself and to be alone.

Embrace change!

Reflector Children - Cycles are an important part of their Design. Get familiar and watch for patterns within the moon for them. Notice when they’re happy and when they’re sad, and what environment or people they've been around.

They are mirroring back healthy and unhealthy spaces and people.

They’re highly inconsistent, embrace it. 

Reflector Adults and Children - Self care, self love, self awareness are the building blocks to a healthy relationship in your own being, and when around others. 

Here is Part 1 of my own journey with HD.

Before ever bringing it to business or to the public, I KNEW I had to embody myself. Explore. Give space, room and experimentation with actually BECOMING a Projector and the unsexy work that went along with it (this differs for each person). 

From there, my personal responsibility within my Parenting Role became a huge focus. Understanding THEM. 

Human Design was truly downloaded not for us, but for THEM. to live a life FULL of alignment. 

Rather Than seeking it later. 

This unsexy work is so 2020….haha, maybe our kids will have the opportunity and potential to be SO aware, it’s all taken in, processed and released in moments and smaller doses. Imaging being able to support them in their own process?

I'm so happy to be on this journey with you,



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