Align By Design in Vogue Paris!

align by design Jul 08, 2020

When I first heard about Human Design, it was something that immediately made sense to me. Amy did a reading for me and it blew my mind. It was like someone was just letting me know that it is perfectly okay to be exactly who I am. Exactly who I have always known I was but had doubted many times over in the recent months. Six months later I started editing the Podcast episodes for Align By Design and became a certified Human Design Reader. I had no intention of where this would all take me but in the healthiest form of an Undefined G Center, I was at peace with that. Simultaneously the 1st line in my profile couldn’t get enough. I needed to know as much as I could. It fascinated me. I quickly found myself being “that” person asking everyone I was in conversation with, ‘do you know what time you were born?’. Nearly a year later and.. I’m still that person.

A good friend of mine in LA invited to a party one night. I became fast friends with the host and we kept in touch after the fact. We chatted briefly about Human Design that night and he too was fascinated. He reached out to me not long after and asked me for a reading. I hadn’t yet given someone a full reading and that 1st line came back in questioning if I really knew enough, but my Sacral was a full yes. So, I let my Sacral win, met him and his fiancé for dinner and gave them a reading in person. I left feeling on top of the world! I surprised myself with how much knowledge I was able to share and it made my Generator soul so happy to see someone be so uplifted by his reading. As we were saying goodbye he told me he wanted to introduce me to a friend of his. He said we would get along really well and she would love Human Design.

The next day he connected me to his friend Elsa and she could not wait to get a reading done. Part of me was amazed at how this was all unfolding but with a 4th line in my profile it made complete sense. My 4th line is that ability to naturally build meaningful connections with others, and opportunities coming to me through this network. I sent Elsa her reading and she loved it ( I still get messages from her about once a month letting me know she’s going back to re listen). Turns out Elsa is very connected in the world of PR and insisted on connecting me with one of the editors of Vogue Paris. VOGUE! Elsa made the introduction, I sent off the editor’s reading and a couple of weeks later, we got word that the editor loved her reading and wanted to feature Align By Design in their May Wellness Issue. Naturally, I danced around my kitchen, bursting with joy.

I think the real beauty of this story is in my alignment; something I had been really working on for almost a year leading up to the Vogue Feature. It all started with my reading. Feeling a fresh sense of confidence in who I am, because it is exactly who I am designed to be. My Sacral lead me through all of it; it is so deeply lit up by Human Design. Two months before this happened I quit my job that provided me a steady income to create more space in my life for Human Design. I surrendered to the fact that with my Undefined G Center I am designed to allow my life path to unfold. I let my 1st profile line dig deep into all of the learning and knowledge I desired. I let my 4th line do the rest. This is just a small example of the magic that can happen when you let your Strategy and Authority lead you into alignment. Incredible things begin to unfold for you in ways you never even considered.

iz xx


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