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align by design Jul 15, 2020

Sometimes in your life you meet those people that you are meant to be part of their world for years and decades to come.

People who get you.
People who understand your soul.
People who see life in similar ways to you.
People who allow you to expand into your greatest potential.

You might not know it in the moment but the Universe knows, and whatever is meant to be in alignment with your path always comes full circle - if you let it.

The way that the Align By Design Team came together cannot be explained in any other way. From knowing each other growing up, through our teenage years and now as adults, our souls connected in deep meaningful + powerful ways - bonds that can’t be broken, long before we knew what was possible in the here and now.

It feels like home, it feels like family, it feels like unity.

Recently on the podcast we came together and created an episode all about us, our journeys, who we are as a team and as humans navigating our lives separately. We discuss our connection, the divine timing of us working together and our vision as well as celebrate our feature in Vogue Paris!

I invite you to dive into the episode and learn more about who we are and how our unending support can assist you in navigating your journey through life. We aren’t meant to do it alone and we are here to support you every step of the way.

Human Design is a tool through which you can learn more about yourself, others and the world around you. You can see areas of strength, power, wisdom, and truth. It’s through diving in deep and doing the work that we are able to access our limitless potential.

Align By Design is Human Design in a way that you have never seen before. We can’t wait to watch you expand into all that you desire to become.


COO of Align By Design



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