The Dream Day

Less than a year ago I was new to Human Design and working a job that did not light me up. In fact it did just the opposite. When I walked into the building I stopped generating energy and it completely drained me. I knew that I desired to leave but I didn’t know how that was possible. This job meant safety. It was a consistent income, but for me it wasn’t about leaving that particular place of work it was about shifting out of that line of work completely.

I could feel my breaking point coming and made it a goal to quit by the end of the year. A couple months passed and there I was, still in the same job, still wildly uninspired and unhappy there. I remember asking Amy “How can I manifest another opportunity to make money - fast?” I will never forget her words of wisdom.

As a non-specific Manifestor, I am meant to be sinking into the feeling of something. She told me to do just that. “Write down your dream day of work” she said. “How does it...

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Human Design 101 through my Story Part 1



When Human Design fell into my lap - actually my ears - I was on a run and listening to some random podcast, I could NOT.STOP. 

My life made sense.

Who I am finally all CLICKED.

I had never felt more understood, heard, seen and loved myself more than that moment - I’m a 5/1 Splenic Projector

K…..Now what?!?!?!

I know you’ve all had that moment too. 

Your mind is blown, then you consume, consume, and aren’t sure how to start your own journey.

So I started to study. As much as I could. At this point, I wasn’t making money in my business and had invested a lot. I started to just play with what it FELT like to be a Projector.

Between studying and trying to embody, in a world that was NOT Projector-friendly, I knew there was no other way than to keep down this path - so I let it unfold.

Suddenly - I had downloads of my first Group Coaching Program, launched it and MADE SALES - I couldn’t believe it! Then….my first 1-1...

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We are Align By Design

Sometimes in your life you meet those people that you are meant to be part of their world for years and decades to come.

People who get you.
People who understand your soul.
People who see life in similar ways to you.
People who allow you to expand into your greatest potential.

You might not know it in the moment but the Universe knows, and whatever is meant to be in alignment with your path always comes full circle - if you let it.

The way that the Align By Design Team came together cannot be explained in any other way. From knowing each other growing up, through our teenage years and now as adults, our souls connected in deep meaningful + powerful ways - bonds that can’t be broken, long before we knew what was possible in the here and now.

It feels like home, it feels like family, it feels like unity.

Recently on the podcast we came together and created an episode all about us, our journeys, who we are as a team and as humans navigating our lives separately. We discuss our...

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Align By Design in Vogue Paris!

When I first heard about Human Design, it was something that immediately made sense to me. Amy did a reading for me and it blew my mind. It was like someone was just letting me know that it is perfectly okay to be exactly who I am. Exactly who I have always known I was but had doubted many times over in the recent months. Six months later I started editing the Podcast episodes for Align By Design and became a certified Human Design Reader. I had no intention of where this would all take me but in the healthiest form of an Undefined G Center, I was at peace with that. Simultaneously the 1st line in my profile couldn’t get enough. I needed to know as much as I could. It fascinated me. I quickly found myself being “that” person asking everyone I was in conversation with, ‘do you know what time you were born?’. Nearly a year later and.. I’m still that person.

A good friend of mine in LA invited to a party one night. I became fast friends with the...

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