13. Manifesting Generator

Mani gens, this is for you! You loose patience, get frustrated, quit before it happens and constantly jumping from one thing to another. In this episode, I go deep into your energy and how to Align your Design for ultimate success in business!  


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12. Generators

Generator, do you feel burnt out, exhausted and maybe even feel like a projector? Guess what? Your Human Design has it's OWN power and in this episode, I am diving deep on how to tap into this generator power! Dive in!

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9. Projectors

In this episode, I go deep into being in alignment as a projector, how to use your strategy of waiting for the invitation and why I am so lit up about Projectors and Human Design! 


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8. Energy Centres

In today's episode, I break down all of the energy centres! Grab your Human Design chart and follow along to learn more about each centre and how you align your design!


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5. Emotional Authority

In this episode, I go deep into helping you understand perhaps the most complex authority - emotional authority! I get SO many questions on this one - so tune in and get the clarity and alignment you have been looking for! 


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4. Authority: Sacral and Splenic

In this episode, I help you understand sacral and splenic authorities, the difference between them, and how they show up in your life!

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2. Where do I even begin?

Welcome to Align by Design! This is the first episode, and we start at the beginning - where do I start? Today, I dive into how to start and embody your Human Design correctly so you don't end up down the Human Design rabbit hole, confused and frustrated!  

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3. Energy Type and Strategy

In this episode, I go into the basics - energy type and strategy - you HAVE to get this before you move on into the deeper understanding and embodiment of Human Design. What is my type? What does it mean? How do I show up and market in this world? How does my strategy affect that? You will find IT ALL in this episode.

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