HD + Business, THE SERIES

Coaches, Leaders, Business Owners you have already dove into Human Design. You're learning, you're reading...and you can SEE the potential it has to impact your business and shift the way you work with your Clients. 

Human Design is all about self-mastery and until you can master your OWN design through total embodiment and integration, you can integrate the Series into the way you Lead your Clients, so they can shift their online presence and energy.

You receive the entire Series of HD Types + Marketing and Business for them, which will dramatically change the way YOU Lead your Clients.
You get videos and study notes through a mini-book for each type of Marketing through HD for:

  • Manifestors
  • Manifesting Generators
  • Generators
  • Projectors
  • Reflectors


The Series takes the trial and error process out of your end, allows you to understand your clients deeper, and learn what WILL work best for them while marketing or running a business, in the most aligned way!


Massive Savings with the bundle! 

"My biggest transformations have been forcing myself to only work around 4 hours a day and also view my marketing as a showcase of who I am to flaunt who I am for invitations - it’s funny saying it like that, but it’s true! ❤️ Those are the people I buy from, so it’s cool to also do the same."

Samantha Springer

"My biggest takeaway as a generator is how critical it is to wait to respond and listening to that sacral sound - 2 things I’m still in the work of embodying all the time - but when I do it’s always amazing"

Kari Winton-Russell

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