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Bonjour beautiful soul! I’m Libby Hoffmann, #theModerneHomemaker: a 30-something modern woman, loving partner, and mother of two Emotional Mani-Gens. My soul’s mission is to help you feel connected to your life here on Earth. To make your soul at home, in simple and powerful ways.

I’m a 2/4 Emotional Projector, RAX of Explanation.Basically, I’m designed to see and know others deeply, and express insights for the benefit of the collective in my own individual way. I believe we are all light. Science + Nature is my favorite combo. Empowerment is my jam.

When I was introduced to my individual human design, it was the biggest Welcome Home I’ve ever experienced. I felt so seen, recognized, and accepted. I felt free to drop the pressure of doing, just to do, so I could spend more time and energy on embracing my unique gifts. I’m now able to dive into more natural flow and rhythm in my daily life, in work and play. I easily avoid the resistance that has caused so much frustration, bitterness and disappointment in the past.

If you are craving more out of life and you’re ready to open the door wide for your soul to come home too, then I’m here to guide you.

In a personal human design reading, I illuminate the intricacies of your unique design and how to nurture yourself through practical embodiment. I guide you to embracing your innate Strength + Wisdom, recognize + release conditioning, and how to work in harmony with your natural energy, so you can:

+ Save time + energy every day

+ Make decisions with ease and clarity

+ Feel more prepared and less frazzled through what life brings

+Enjoy more moments of satisfaction, success, peace, and joy

+Love and accept yourself + others more deeply

I am so grateful you’re here, and I look forward to seeing your light shine brighter in our world.


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"I loved my session with Libby! She was very personable and she answered any questions I had about human design. I’m new to learning more about my soul design in terms of human design and other than knowing that I’m a projector, I didn’t know how to interpret my chart at all. Initially, I was afraid that being a projector meant I’m not proactive enough in life, but I realized that I had other strengths in my chart that balances my soul blueprint. It was so helpful and much needed to have an expert in the human design space answer any lingering questions I have about my chart and how to integrate my soul blueprint into my everyday life."


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