MONEY: Flirting and Dancing with the Universe IS your birth right - Your aura and energy is meant to BRING things to you. You should be lit up by EVERYTHING you’re doing. You’re meant to lean back and let the Universe take over…We’ll uncover why it’s not happening like this for you and how to shift this.

Magnetism: And Leadership - You’re magnetic AF. And you want to be the Leader you know you’re meant to be. However you’re sick and tired of ”you’re so inspiring” messages. It’s nice, but you aren’t going for nice, you’re going for impact! Lead based on WHO you are, not what you think you should be, and create the impact needed.

Sex: Authenticity IS your Power - Unleashing your BOLDNESS within, ditching your hustle and fore, to lean back into surrender and trust in WHO you are and your own desires. Trusting your sacral, and bringing it’s bold power to the forefront of your life and business, it GETs to be FUN, YUMMY and JUICY!

POWER: Creating Consistency that FEELS good - You aren’t meant to fit into a box. Creating offers, sales and leading based on desire, not a plan

**Call 5 and 6 are my eyes on YOUR business and your design, and how to step into your own alignment and power. You get to ask your questions about your Human Design, business, energy etc.

- 6 Weeks Live Weekly Calls
- Support within a Private Facebook Community
- Unity Within Your Design

We begin May 25th!

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