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The Projector Power Paradigm

You deserve to be seen for your value and worth, and show up for THAT


You deserve to work YOUR way, and feel completely successful AND rested


Not only do you deserve it, you need it


You’re here to thrive, flow, impact and lead 


But you’re meant to do it YOUR way


4 Weeks to ease in your business the projector way

4 Live Modules with Live Coaching (2 modules a week with 15 minutes of questions at the end)

2 Weeks of Integration and Embodiment in our FB Group with 2 Live Coaching Sessions for questions specific to YOUR design and accessing not only your Projector Power and Coaching Questions, but also parts of your full energy blueprint from your Design.

The Week-to-Week Breakdown

Week 1

Module 1: Own Your Projector Power

-You’ve been taught there’s only ONE way to be an Entrepreneur : HUSTLE. 
-We will break the patterns of the MG/G hustle

-owning your light and being seen and heard with power, while navigating your business as a Projector

without guilt, without shame: Amplify the GLOW!


Module 2: Redefining Invitations so they don’t become your Limitations

-it’s easy to sit back, hibernate, shut down and avoid when your business isn’t thriving. you’re not booking the clients, or you feel overwhelmed. You’re waiting for an “Invitation”. This is NOT how the Invitation Process works as a Projector!

-the art of the Invitation - differentiate the timing of what’s correct as a Projector

-utilizing your power, and stepping into your full expertise to bring IN the correct invitations!

Week 2

Module 3: How to Stay IN your Projector Power when You’re Tempted to go Against it

- things are going well, like reallllly well…and you’re tempted to make them even better and suddenly find yourself on the verge of burn-out, exhaustion yet can’t say no.

-How to set the boundaries and make your Business Work for YOU - more thriving, less worry


Module 4: Successful Launches - Impact and Income as a Projector
-How to have a very successful and powerful launches as a Projector, WHILE feeling the ease, flow and momentum


Week 3 and 4 : Integration and Embodiment

-2 Live Coaching Opportunities for your OWN questions specific to YOUR design and accessing not only your Projector Power and Coaching Questions, but also parts of your full energy blueprint from your Design - be seen, heard and coached in your purest and most powerful way.

What participants of PPP have to say..


"My biggest wins are coming home to the me I have always known to be true. my truth. my power. I’m also proud of myself for not trying to be a generator as I do this work! allowing myself to rest (TRULY REST) and to look at how I can share this work. I am stepping back into ME and that girl is amazing! I love her. she needs rest now and I’m going to give it. PS - I’m also realizing that HD has refueled my passion for therapy and coaching in general. I know now that I am here to guide and it can be done differently!"

"I have become a lot SOFTER with myself and others. I feel like I switched on my internal hearing - I feel and hear my body and my whole system, crave clean food, clean thoughts. No time for bullshit conversations but in a very good way. I also used to have a terrible FOMO - now if it doesn’t feel right, I don’t get caught up. I feel softer, lighter, cleaner. Massive energy shifts for me. Grateful!!!"

"oh my goodness... so I a SO blown away by all this sexy energy shift that feels SO natural to me and so good. At the beginning I was so scared (and I even shared it) that I was scared to show my sexy and now I am like “bring it ooooon”!!! so that’s a huuge shift. also, through the road trip with my generator sister and this program I really learned to say NO to everything that is not right away the “heck yes” or the splenic quiet “heck yes” 😂 I feel like this unapologetic beast, loving beast lol but really standing behind my decisions and trusting my guy and my instincts way more. and I could go on and on but these are the major shifts I am so so so so happy about ❤️"

"Mine was more of an internal shift. And what changed was the way I valued myself more and more each day with self compassion & kindness, and I started connecting more with people. I also started showing up more authentically in my relationship too (no more acting out triggers unnecessarily). I also become more aware of my thoughts & feelings. I started embracing ME more. And I also followed my splenic authority and hired my first business coach (who’s also a projector!) yesterday!"

"I’m so incredibly grateful for all of you beautiful souls and our time together. I have learned more about myself while stepping into my fear of shining my light!! And been able to see myself mirrored back for sure. It’s been divine timing to have the camaraderie while I’m stepping fully into my new biz and getting those ah ha moments from you Amy, that are those cut to the chase reminders I need to keep embodying my design 🌱💗🙏🦋🧜‍♀️👑"


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