My Life Was Forever Changed with Amy Elizabeth

The morning of January 5th God nudged me to a situation which unfolded into a moment that changed my life forever.

I never ever imaged something like this would happen to me

Yet looking back, it was happening for what is possibly years…

My marriage ended in a second.

I became a single mom of 3, with a 4 month old on my hip, two beautiful girls coming down for breakfast.

I was in complete shock.

I could not comprehend and still don’t know how I managed that day, the opening night of the Manifestor Matrix, or the weeks to follow.

(Words can’t express the love for my family, friends and previous coach during this time)

From that very second, my mind raced.


How will I do this?
How will I make enough?
We won’t survive.
I can’t do this.

I'll have to sell the brand new laptop I just bought (I didn’t open it for weeks out of fear)….

Overwhelmed and scared. So scared. Hurt. So hurt.

Little did I know I had been energetically preparing for the strength and...

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Everyday I Fall Deeper Into Alignment with Jess Garay

Everyday I fall deeper and deeper into alignment.
Deeper into being more me.
Deeper into taking off the mask.
Deeper into working through the past conditioning that has followed me through life.
Deeper into releasing the things that have held me back.
Deeper into peace.

It’s not about perfection - I’m far from it. Being a 3/6 profile - I’m meant to make mistakes, try different things, see what works and doesn’t work, shift, pivot, and try again.

This wasn’t always easy for me to accept.
It wasn’t always easy for me to lean into.
It wasn’t always easy for me to understand.

But now I know -- I was designed this way.

I now trust that the Universe has my back, and that whatever is meant for my highest good will happen. I trust that the path will unfold for me, and I trust myself.

I needed to move through the difficult things to get myself here.
I needed to create small intentional shifts each day.
I needed to look at the ‘unsexy work’...

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Why You Should Always Trust Your Desires with Liz Coyles

I have a vivid memory of hanging out with my first boyfriend; I dated him when I was 17-21, quite formative years. One night, we were driving and I was singing along to the radio, full of joy and living in the moment. He promptly said "Liz stop. You can't sing. You don't have a good voice". I'll never forget hearing those words. 

I never claimed to be a great singer. It was something that I loved to do, but I was way too shy to sing in front of anyone. He felt like a safe person to do that around, but he wasn't, and I stopped singing in front of him from that moment on.

Years passed, we broke up. One night as I was studying for final exams I was procrastinating and picked up my sister's acoustic guitar. I googled how to play some chords and learned a couple of songs. I LOVED it. It quickly became a huge passion for me. I wrote poetry so I naturally began to write my own songs. My roommate would listen outside my door as I played, and if I had a couple glasses of wine, I...

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My Story Part 2 with Amy Elizabeth

If you missed Part 1 - You can read here!

(Ok so there's some major pieces that i’m leaving out FOR NOW ;) I’ll share one day soon….so fill in the blanks until then)!!


God led me to Human Design

Since mid 2019 I’ve been leaning way more into God.

I have grown up Catholic and my family has instilled so much faith and trust in God, however my own relationship wasn’t really organic and I felt that. I knew it. 

Into my Experiment and Leadership with HD, I was hit with gut-wrenching situations…one after another, soon after becoming pregnant with Hendrix.

At the exact same time of confusion, anxiety attacks, fear and pure-WTF, I was experiencing pure BLISS, joy, and freaking abundance.

Nothing made sense.

I knew this was a huge sign and push for me to continue to align deeper with my HD, blindly following my path.

It also helped me see and dive deep into where I was misaligned, especially within my Solar Plexus.

My Solar Plexus would pick up...

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Aligning With The Magic Of The Universe

For the longest time I was a yes woman. 

Someone who said yes to anyone and any opportunity. 

Someone who sacrificed my desires to appease others. 

Someone who flexed my boundaries. 

My inner people pleaser left me feeling I had nothing else to give.

I started to test the waters with setting boundaries many years ago now - and if I’m being honest - people were upset. They didn’t like it. They thought it was a reflection on them and that couldn’t be further than the truth. I decided that I wanted to tap into my Sacral before I even knew what that was or what that meant.

I wanted to follow my bliss.
I wanted to do the things that lit my soul on fire.
I wanted to create this massive ripple effect of impact. 

I wanted to honour my truth and my power.

And I knew....

That I needed to honour my boundaries and myself (even though it felt so freaking hard and scary). The conditioning ran deep -

What will people think?
What will they say?

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Reflecting & Gratitude with Liz Coyles

There is a mountain trail I love to hike in Los Angeles, partly because of the stunning ocean views and partly because it challenges me physically.

I can set my own pace. Some days I sprint uphill and others it's just a stroll. Some days I get halfway to my turn around point and feel like giving up. On really hot days - I feel like giving up every time. In these moments I stop to catch my breath, turn around and look back to the beginning of the trail. Without fail, I'm always amazed at how far I've come. I always feel like I'm closer to my starting point than I actually am and it's in these moments that I am reminded how this is a metaphor for life.

With commitment, we are constantly expanding. Sometimes we are so focused on getting to where we want to go that we forget to stop for a moment and reflect on how far we've come. These moments of reflection are SO important to our journey. The moments of gratitude can help push us to keep going on days we want to quit. They show us that...

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My Launch Has Been Triggering...

I’ve barely touched my launch and it’s been triggering

I get it. Someone pointed something out to me before I surfaced online with HD and I just decided differently

A couple I respect knew the levels I was doing on my own with HD and asked “Are you Certified“? At this point I was looking around trying to find the one I wanted (also wasn’t talking about it or offering it online)

I said “not yet”. He responded “Good because I believe this is a system that needs a Certification”

For a moment I thought to myself - I’m diving in sooooo deep, people don’t “need” certifications anymore...

Then I decided. He’s right, it’s such a complicated system that is so individualized and I WANT to be Certified

I’m so thankful this surfaced for me because it’s so simple to think our own self-learning is enough, as we’re told is it

21st century , self directed learners. We can YouTube anything and figure...

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Sometimes I wonder how I got here


Sometimes I wonder how I got here.
But at the same time I know.

Sometimes I wonder what happens next.
But I trust.

Sometimes the magic takes over me and pours through me in a way that I have never experienced before.
And I know.

There is so much that is yet to come.

I reflect on the honour and the privilege I have to be walking on this journey with all of you through Align By Design.

I admire Amy’s leadership.
Her courage.
Her strength.
Her power.
Her wisdom.
Her honouring and sharing of her truth. 

The way that she moves through the world with grace and love for all of those around her and how she creates a ripple effect of magic over the world.

The Align By Design Team is like nothing I have ever witnessed before.
The way that we move together and navigate through the world is powerful

It is impactful.

People who choose to be on this journey with us are loved, supported, and transformed by being in the magical containers that Align By Design offers.

No matter...

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The Dream Day

Less than a year ago I was new to Human Design and working a job that did not light me up. In fact it did just the opposite. When I walked into the building I stopped generating energy and it completely drained me. I knew that I desired to leave but I didn’t know how that was possible. This job meant safety. It was a consistent income, but for me it wasn’t about leaving that particular place of work it was about shifting out of that line of work completely.

I could feel my breaking point coming and made it a goal to quit by the end of the year. A couple months passed and there I was, still in the same job, still wildly uninspired and unhappy there. I remember asking Amy “How can I manifest another opportunity to make money - fast?” I will never forget her words of wisdom.

As a non-specific Manifestor, I am meant to be sinking into the feeling of something. She told me to do just that. “Write down your dream day of work” she said. “How does it...

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Human Design 101 through my Story Part 1



When Human Design fell into my lap - actually my ears - I was on a run and listening to some random podcast, I could NOT.STOP. 

My life made sense.

Who I am finally all CLICKED.

I had never felt more understood, heard, seen and loved myself more than that moment - I’m a 5/1 Splenic Projector

K…..Now what?!?!?!

I know you’ve all had that moment too. 

Your mind is blown, then you consume, consume, and aren’t sure how to start your own journey.

So I started to study. As much as I could. At this point, I wasn’t making money in my business and had invested a lot. I started to just play with what it FELT like to be a Projector.

Between studying and trying to embody, in a world that was NOT Projector-friendly, I knew there was no other way than to keep down this path - so I let it unfold.

Suddenly - I had downloads of my first Group Coaching Program, launched it and MADE SALES - I couldn’t believe it! Then….my first 1-1...

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